Daviesway - serving Australian dairy farmers for over 100 years.

Daviesway is a privately owned company that has been providing dairy equipment to dairy farmers all around the world for over 100 years.

Founded in 1911 by the Davies family, the company CEO is John Davies, grandson of the founder. Since this early beginning Daviesway has developed into a major manufacturer and supplier of quality dairy equipment for Australia, New Zealand and other world markets.

At Daviesway, innovative design and product development is the continuing priority in achieving our goal of providing dairy farmers with the best installations, systems and equipment available from all over world.

From the beginning to the end of all projects, Daviesway ensure that the specification, design, construction and commissioning of the dairy more than meets customer satisfaction levels, something that is only achievable in a company with close and personal management capabilities like Daviesway.

Daviesway are constantly working to stay ahead of market requirements, providing dedicated service and quality products that keep all dairy farmers, big and small, operating at peak performance.