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QRS = Quality products + expert advice

QRS is your local, independent supplier of premium rural merchandise. We offer friendly service and expert advice. Call us on (07) 5481 2800


Queensland Rural Supplies provides a premium rural merchandise and advisory service to the diverse rural industries of the Gympie region. QRS is the local independent alternative, offering friendly, personalised service and advice.
QRS is focused on servicing the tree farming sector (mango, macadamia, persimmon, citrus, avocado and olive growers) and producers of smaller field crops (beans, zucchini, tomato, eggplant, cucumber, pumpkin, radish and sweet corn).  With the only qualified agronomist servicing this market, QRS has deep expertise in tropical crop production. We also supply animal health and production products to dairy, beef, sheep, pig, goat and alpaca producers.

Our Store offers a very wide range of quality products to farmers, local engineers, builders, and the home handyman.