The all natural, brewed animal tonic known as Anitone was first developed by a veterinarian;

The all natural,  brewed animal tonic known as Anitone was first developed by a veterinarian;  Dr Jenni Ahmat,  in early 2002.     Dr Ahmat  (BSc BVMS)  graduated from Murdoch University in 1984,  and spent over 20 years in general  mixed  veterinary practice.

She developed Anitone initially to use as a pick up for tired horses that wouldn’t eat,   but soon realised it had great potential for all livestock and pets.

During the late 80’s and early 90’s,  Dr Ahmat specialized in horse performance,  and joining forces with her farrier husband,  Geoff,  they founded Topline Equine Services and established the first ever Equine Sports Therapy Centre in Western Australia.

During the course of training their own horses,  Dr Ahmat became aware of the problems that hard working horses encountered when suffering from stress, ulcers and depressed appetites.

At this time,  Dr Ahmat embarked on further study in livestock nutrition, agronomy and soil science,  and due to her background as a veterinarian,  fully understood how nutrition underscored health in both animals and people.     Dr Ahmat also compared horses bred in New Zealand to those grown on WA sand plains.  She observed that NZ horses had stronger bone structure and were generally more robust,  and concluded it was due to having been raised on highly fertile,  volcanic soils.