With over 30 years of experience, our technical team works closely with our growers and retailers to ensure the best possible outcome on farm.

As a proud long established Australian manufacturer we at Agrichem believe that quality and yield have never been more critical than in today's high-demand, low margin environment. ROI is key. Maximization of opportunities is essential and only the highest quality inputs can achieve the highest quality outcomes.

Established on the 31st October, 1986 and widely regarded as the pioneer of liquid nutrition innovation in Australia, Agrichem produces a vast range of Specialty Liquid Fertilisers, Soluble Solids, Plant Health Formulas and Adjuvants that have re-enforced our reputation as the supplier of choice for astute growers domestically and internationally.

Agrichem's unparalleled experience and technical expertise garnered through decades of close collaboration with farmers, dealers and researchers has resulted in the development of unique, premium quality products.